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    鼎豪彈簧五金 鼎豪彈簧五金




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    Stainless steel spring is an elastic element used in many industries such as chemical machinery and electronics. The working environment requires corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and non-magnetic use. When loaded, stainless steel spring can produce large elastic deformation and convert mechanical work or kinetic energy into deformation energy. After unloading, the deformation of stainless steel spring disappears and returns to the original state, and the deformation energy is converted into mechanical work or kinetic energy.
    When the stainless steel spring material yields to a certain extent, its resistance to deformation is improved again due to the rearrangement of internal grains. At this time, although the deformation develops rapidly, it can only increase with the increase of stress until the stress reaches a large value.
    Since then, the ability of steel to resist deformation is significantly reduced, and large plastic deformation occurs at the weak part, where the cross section of the specimen is rapidly reduced, necking phenomenon occurs, and even fracture failure. The large stress value of steel before tensile fracture is called strength limit or tensile strength. Of course, it bends first. Stainless steel has toughness.
    The composition and ratio of high-performance stainless steel spring steel wire are: 0.08% - 0.15% C; 0.01% - 0.60% Si; 0.02% - 0.60% Mn; 0.01% - 0.03% p; 0.002% - 0.03% s; 12% - 14% Cr; 0.8% - 1.5% Mo, and the rest is Fe.
    The preparation method comprises the following steps: smelting molten steel according to the requirements of chemical composition; hot-rolling; Annealing and pickling to obtain stainless steel disk blank; Coating and drying; Cold drawing; Wash and dry with neutral activator; quench; Tempering; Coating and drying; Drawn into stainless steel spring steel wire. The high-performance stainless steel spring steel wire has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, high corrosion resistance, high elasticity and high toughness.
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