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    文章來源:http://www.tlwpp.com/ 發布時間:2022-05-30 瀏覽次數:
    At present, stainless steel spring is a common spring in the market. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance, it is also a core industrial production part, so stainless steel spring has become popular. What is the operation method of stainless steel spring to remove oil stain and oxide skin? There are two ways to remove oil stains and oxide skin on stainless steel springs:
    Infiltrate the stainless steel spring into the plastic products of metal cleaner a (cleaner a and water diluent are prepared as 1:1 or 1:2 up and down). The time should be no oil stain on the spring surface and no oxide skin to repair the primary color of the metal material. The soaking time should not be too long. Remove the spring and clean it with water. Then the stainless steel spring surface will have a matte practical effect.
    The preparation of cleaning agent and clean water for stainless steel spring in ultrasonic equipment is about 1:30. The time is appropriate to repair the primary color of metal materials without oil stain and oxide skin on the spring surface. Remove the spring and clean it with clean water, so that the stainless steel spring surface can achieve the practical effect of matte.
    Detergent A is put into a vibrating polishing machine with coarse abrasive and spring or a hexagonal roller (the volume ratio of spring to coarse abrasive is 1:3, and the amount of detergent used is 1%--2% of the net weight of the spring). After mirror polishing, clean it with clean water, and the scratches on the spring surface will disappear, improving the smoothness of the spring surface.
    However, the spring with high precision and easy winding is not suitable for this method. Polish the stainless steel spring: put the polishing solution B into the vibrating polishing machine or hexagonal roller with coarse abrasive (the volume ratio of the spring to the fine abrasive is 1:3, and the amount of polishing solution B is 1%--2% of the net weight of the spring. The longer the time is, the brighter it will be). After polishing, remove it and clean it with clean water. In this way, the surface of the stainless steel spring will be as bright as nickel plating and will never fade.
    In addition, the selection of stainless steel spring quantity should be based on the line demand, combined with the mold structure and key points, so that the mold will not deviate during work, and the mold adjustment must be convenient. In this way, the spring can have sufficient service life in use. The model of stainless steel spring can also be determined according to the characteristic curve of stainless steel spring and stamping process requirements. Especially when the working force is required to change steadily, or the working force is basically unchanged, and the initial force is large, it is more important to determine the force increase ratio.
    The operation method of removing oil stain and oxide skin of stainless steel spring has been explained. I hope I can help you. If you choose to purchase and customize different types of springs, you can follow our website www.sdzbthc Www. 68mn. Com, an expert in the production of various types of springs!